About Us

Looks Good in Photos....But...?


Most people have no idea how many details go into finding, pricing, financing, and buying or selling a home.  What looks good online may not be representative of the true condition of the property.  That's where we come in.

My goal is to find you a property that suits your needs, within your budget and you are aware of the true condition of the property and that you are prepared to tackle it.  From New Construction to Foreclosures every house is different and no two transactions are the same.  So it is good for you to benefit from the experience of a licensed Realtor.  Besides commissions come out of the seller's proceeds.

There is a lot more to it than showing houses!


If you had asked me before what all a Realtor does I would not have  touched on a fraction of it.  And they/we do it for free until we successfully get everyone to the closing table.  See the "What Realtors Do" page.

It's all about the Keys


Or is it?  My goal is to make your home purchase experience as positive as possible.  In the end this will be your new home....I want you to be happy with it and looking forward to your new life.